Welcome to a Club of golfers who love a good game. A group who loves the perfectly struck shot, the 30-foot snake, and the dirty bogey from the cattails all in equal measure.  We are a group that plays hard, plays fair, shakes hands, tips the cap, pays on time, congratulates the winner, and buys him a drink. 

We think we are the best golf club around--and we might be right!

Our tournaments are played from all the tees on the course, from 7,000 yards for our strongest players in our premium tournaments, all the way to the White tees. Sometimes we all play from the Blues or Whites, and sometimes we flight our tournaments. Whatever the format, there is a hot competition, and a lively "dialog" in the Pro-Shop bar for several hours thereafter. Stick around for the fun!

We love our golf, and our Club, and we're glad you're a part of it.